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Gary Simmons at Metro Pictures

19 Feb

Gary Simmons uses a distinctive technique to create his large scale paintings. He creates the slate board haunting chalklines with a combination of pigments, oils and wax.

His painting technique is a true reflections of the dark allure of Midnight Matinee, a series of large size paintings of haunted dive locations like hotels and diners. The theme borrowed from abandoned houses portrayed in popular horror films. One room was devoted to smaller paintings hung brilliantly in a black and white filmstudio cutting room floor.

(Simmons on the right)

Liam Gillick at Casey Kaplan

17 Feb

Discussion Bench Platforms + Everything Good Goes is an iconic exhibition representing the purest form of work by Liam Gillick. His installations often discuss the tension and relationship between the space, the viewer, and the implied behaviours of relations in said spaces.

A combination of colourful benches and plexigass vitrines, mirrored with ironic woodcut prints.

Banks Violette

15 Feb

Banks Violette presents a gorgeous installation at Gladstone Gallery. A giant chandelier made of fluorescent lights and hanging wires is a a forward moving departure from his typical sculptural works made from found objects and salt. This massive lustre hangs close to the floor in dramatic contrast to the black wall installation of a shiny lacquered surface that seems to be crippling and melting from the intense light. The contrasts of black and white as well as the hollowness of the space contrasted by the scale of the sculptures makes this an intensly experiential installation.

Olafur Eliasson at Tanya Bonadkar

12 Feb

The vernissage for Olafur Eliasson’s Multiple Shadow House was charged with too many bodies, creating chaotic deep multicoloured shadows in this seemingly serene installation.

The walls made from ghostly optitrans screens grounded together by the heavy old wooden floor that had a faint odour of summer house. As participants move through the space, their shadows are cast upon the walls by the multicoloured spotlights. Each wall casts and mirrors the activities in the next space with the multiple refraction of the superimposed shadows creating duplicates of concrete from what is essentially intangible.

Eliasson is a master at working with light, darkness and motion. ArtJetSet most memorable Eliasson was at the 50th Venice Biennale in 2003, the fountain part of his Blind Danish Pavillion.

Diana Thater at Zwirner

11 Feb

Diana Thater’s film projection “Between Science and Magic” at Zwirner is a short filmloop that combines various levels of optic discourse. The projected film of the theater, the two perspectives of the magicians, the optical illusion of the disappearing rabbit, are all very clever.

What I liked the most about this piece is the sound of the cranking projectors, very impactful for engaging the dialogue of the past and present consumption of film, video, and performance.

Zhang Huan: Neither Coming Nor Going

19 Jan

New works by Zhang Huan, on view at Pace Wildenstein‘s 22nd Street space, is a dramatic departure from his iconic work.
Still heavily referencing his Chinese culture but moving away from the self reflective performative work we are so used to expecting from Huan.
Rulai is a massive 5.5meter tall sculpture created with ash steel and wood. Skulls, bones, and unidentified remnants build up the layers of this pensive Buddah.

Encircling Rulai are 3.5meter tall ink drawings made on handmade paper, featuring fleeing animals in dark dramatic pursuit. Huan’s use of feathers gives an lightness to the solemn imagery.

Robert Longo at Metro Pictures

18 Jan

Metro Pictures presents a dialogue between Robert Longo, John Miller, and David Maljkovic. Longo’s photos are actually preliminary photos used for Men in the Cities, his 1970’s series of drawings. Static and at once dynamic, these works speak to Maljkovic’s film projections.

Richard Misrach at PaceWildenstein

15 Jan

Richard Misrach large scale inverted photographs present Nevada desert scenes and lush greenery as reversed ice tundra with his negative reversed colour negative technique.

ART BAZAAR at Lyons Wier Gallery

28 Jul

The Art Bazaar is an OPEN CALL to ANY artist who works in ANY medium (i.e painting, sculpture, photography, fiber, performance, conceptual, WHATEVER – so long as the work fits within the allotted space in the gallery)The artist that generates THE MOST REVENUE during the 7 weekend period will be awarded a solo exhibition at Lyons Wier Gallery in 2010.

Doors open to artists at 8am on Saturday for admission & initial installation.

Doors open at 10am-12pm on Sunday for artists to re-install or for rotation of new artists.

Doors close to artists for admission once the gallery is full and space is allocated.

Artists will be admitted to the gallery on a “First Come, First Serve” basis. No holding a space in line permitted.

Only the artist him/herself may display and sell their artwork. No substitutes or representatives allowed.

The artist must be present both days to set up their own space in the morning or else their artwork will be removed.

Any artist who does not return on Sunday forfeits their space to the next artist waiting in line.

The Gallery will announce any display areas that become available online on throughout the Saturday & Sunday events.

The gallery will only accept CASH / CREDIT CARDS for all sales.

The gallery will be responsible for collecting money from all sales at the front desk and will issue receipts to the buyer and seller. Cash sales will be tallied & settled directly with the artist at the end of each day. Credit card sales will be settled with the artist within 10 days of clearing.


There are NO LIMITATIONS on price, quantity, medium or size of the work as long as the work(s) fit within the artist’s allocated space.

All artists MUST sign a WAIVER that acknowledges Lyons Wier Gallery is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any artwork transported to/from the gallery and for any damage, loss, theft occurring at/from the premises.

The artist acknowledges that Lyons Wier Gallery has the rights to their “likeness” or image as it will be broadcasting live feeds, video and webcasts from the gallery on and other outlets during both days of the exhibition.

Artists may participate at the Art Bazaar as many weekends as they like. There is no limit to how many times you exhibit. Those artists who exhibit on the Saturday may leave their work up in the gallery to show on Sunday.

If the artist does not show up on Sunday, their work will be removed from the gallery and the space will become vacant for another artist to take. A new line will be formed each day (Sat or Sun) outside the gallery for possible admission.

If you have acquired a spot in the bazaar and you have your own website, Lyons Wier Gallery will post a link to your site on the duration of your hanging. Any sales generated by an artist’s website linked on www

After Color at Bose Pacia

7 Jul

After Color presented by Bose Pacia, curated by Amani Olu, a discussion on Black&White photography in the age of large scale massive colour imaging.

Many of the photos seemed more like ephemeral graphite on paper rather than b&w photography, like Talia Chetrit’s Gradient Tool and Matthew Gamber’s Untitled Chalkboard.

Very beautiful landscapes by Arthur Ou. I remember being surprised by these large photos at Hudson Franklin’s booth at 2008 NADA Miami Fair.

We’re All Gonna Die at Sue Scott Gallery

28 Jun

A vibrantly existentialist We’re All Gonna Die at Sue Scott Gallery, curated by Ron Keyson.
This two part exhibition divides death into Comedy and Tragedy.

Highlights of this show, Marlyin Minter (seems like every corner you turn in the LES these days has a Minter on it), and a hallucinogenic WallPaper by Fred Tomaselli.

and the somber frosty Anthony Conway Due North.

Jonathan Monk Inflated Deflated at Casey Kaplan

15 May

The current show at Casey Kaplan I was anticipating a pop contrived show of Jeff Koons-esque work. Not only was I wrong, I was pleasantly surprised with an intimate and engaging exhibition of Jonathan Monk stainless steel sculptures of deflated rabbits paired with the hyperrealistic paintings of his art making process.
Oil paintings titled Production Stills lend to a very intimate dialogue about how profoundly the artist is engaged with his body of work in creating this kind of mass consumer product-come-fine art sculpture.

Yayoi Kusama at Gagosian

10 May

Gagosian has two outstanding shows on at the moment. Picasso: Mosqueteros, a musuem quality presentation of Picasso paintings from the late years of 1963 – 1973.
Yayoi Kusama, massive abstracted paintings of vibrant coloured tiny loops contrast with the installation Aftermath of Obliteration of Eternity.
Also called the Infinity Room, Kusama plays with relation of the viewer within these engaging optical environments.

Black & White Gallery presents Nostaligia for the Future paintings by Michael Van Den Besslaar

1 Apr

Black & White Gallery presents Nostaligia for the Future paintings by Michael Van Den Besslaar

The title of the show is poignient, the large sized oil on canvas paintings are stunning.

The gallery is a gorgeous and very large space in the far far extreme edge of Chelsea. Originally Dutch, Van Den Besslaar lives and works in Paris, France, his paintings are architectural refrences of California and suburban Chicago.

Michael Raedecker at Andrea Rosen

26 Mar

Michael Raedecker exhibition is titled Fix, on view at Andrea Rosen Gallery. These large paintings are accented with stitching and embroidery which give a nostalgic quality to an already airy imagery.

Raedecker’s tablecloths and linens hanging on a drying line are so faint yet have such a heaviness of the drapery. Very beautiful.

Tony Oursler at Metro Pictures

24 Mar

Tony Oursler is a pioneer of New Media and video art.
Metro Pictures presents a variety of new works, including this stunning Cigarette Forest, 6 foot tall columns upon which smoldering cigarette projections burn away.
Other multimedia works in this show incuded issues on money (a giant talking five dollar bill), scratch lotto tickets, and gambling machines.

Gordon Cheung at Jack Shainman

21 Mar
Jack Shainman Gallery presents large paintings by London-based Gordon Cheung. These techno-coloured landscapes are stocklistings, acrylic gel and spray paint on sail cloth. Resulting in an amazing layered quality and depth.

Cheung alliterates the dialogue between fantasy, history, and overlays that upon the stock list numbers elluding to the underlying tones of the current financial systems.

Juliana Romano at Marvelli Gallery

2 Mar

Juliana Romano gave a talk at Marvelli Gallery for her first solo show.

She is a painter’s painter, and uses historical paintings to navigate through the development and build up of the heavy drapery in contrast to the highly reductive facial features.
I like this figuration, and am happy to see a nuanced return to portraiture with this Elizabeth Peyton-esque style.

Sigumoto at Gagosian

16 Feb

At Gagosian Gallery, “7 Days / 7 Nights,” an exhibition of fourteen photographs from the Seascapes series by Hiroshi Sugimoto.
Where sea and sky merge, Sugimoto created this series where the horizon blurs and then gradually sharpens in each successive photo.
One room is white and brightly lit, the other is black and each photo illumated by a spot light.

On Kawara One Million Years

11 Feb

On Kawara’s One Million Years is a project in process at David Zwirner Gallery. The project is about time, and years, the time it takes to narrate every year from One millions years ago until one million years from now.
A man and a woman sit in the booth, each couple for a 2 hour period. They read the date… 3756BC…. or three thousand seven hundred fifty six bee cee, 3757 BC…. three thousand seven hundred fifty seven beeecee.
Chatting with the tech guy who has been recording and editing the audio said some times the best couples have voices that sound like song, it is very zen and very relaxing.
The best so far has been a poetry student who was participating to get over his fear of public speaking. He approached his reading prepared with a systemic reading pattern. 10 minutes into his reading, his partner began unconsciously mimicing the beat… which roled into an increadable techno remix beat.
This project has travelled to destinations around the world and will continue to travel. Though the participants are speaking the years, the project is actually about the time it will take to say every year.

Fashion Photography and the Defunct Gallery Space

8 Feb

Chadwick Tyler and Paul Rowland are editorial photographers bringing their glam fashion photographs out of the magazines and temporarily taking over bankrupt gallery spaces to host crossover exhibitions.

Walking down 11th Ave at West 21st St there is a white wall with a cutout entry… SUPRISE, yes Alice in Wondeland… it is a narrow doorway to the HoneySpace.

Tiberius is Chadwich Tyler’s exhibition. He said the title is a word he likes, because it could be a place, a clan, a harem, a community.
30 black and white photos are hung salon style, with ornamented frames painted the same egg shell colour as the walls. The images are of beautiful young models in a dark dirty vaudeville-esque narrative. They are active, pensive, often smoking cigarettes.

The didactic material reads like a magazine call sheet, where the stylists, make up assistants, and models are all thanked by name.

A few blocks later we find a recently bankrupt art gallery which is has become temporary exhibition space for Transformations by Paul Rowland.

Rowland created Women Management, a modeling agency with a mission to explore visual perception by finding talented models that could transform into a character that would engage and stimulate the viewer, and create a real meaning behind the image.
Transformations is a survey of Rowland’s photography which was first shown during the Miami Art Fair, and now in this temporary space in New York.
Very large format photos are beautiful young fictional versions of Diane Arbus characters.

Cindy Sherman, new works at Metro Pictures

29 Dec

Metro Pictures presents new works by Cindy Sherman.

Sherman interogates identity cliches, now she has moved towards the vielle bourgois dame, investigating cliche of beauty and aging…. too much make up, too many facelifts.

The funny part of this exhibition, there was a group of women being toured around Chelsea Galleries, the tour guide was being tactful enough until the one visitor remarked “WOW, she looks exactly like Joan in this one!!!”

David LaChapelle at Tony Sharfazi

15 Oct

David LaChapelle, always very Hollywood and more and more bling!

Really enjoyed these 3D photos printed on cardboard assembled in a four car pile-up diarama.

Annika Von Hausswolf at Casey Kaplan

2 Oct

Casey Kaplan presents a solo show by Annika Von Hausswolf, titled ‘I Am the Runway of Your Thoughts’
I love the title of this exhibition. The dreamy romantic title is as alluring as the gorgeous photos of a model plane flying towards her open mouth. The fragmented scenes and the pairing of black and white and colour prints create a dynamic narrative.

Cecily Brown at Gagosian

28 Sep

Cecily Brown large abstracted paintings are an explosion of sensual vibrancy and movement. Yes, they are abstracted, yet there are elements of figures and body parts that seem to uncover themselves just below the surface.

Old School at Zwirner & Wirth New York

14 Jan

The Zwiner & Wirth Gallery in New York summer exhibition, Old School, presents an imaginative look at Dutch old masters reinterpreted by the phenomenon of contemporary artists appropriating and re-interpreting these old school themes and imagery.

Showing how contemporary painting has borrowed from historical cannons of portaiture creating a very beautiful and thoughtful show. Glen Brown’s paintings with a sultry velvty texture of painting. Glen Brown’s use of Dutch momento mori iconography, of still life and musical instruments. Djordje Ozbolt portrait of a distinguished figure with his hybrid mustache as allusion to our epoch.

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