Maternity Leave Benefits in Ontario : A Survey and Report

As a Canadian that has lived and worked in Paris and in New York, I have spent over 15 years navigating the complexities of ‘adulting’ as an expat.  By adulting I mean figuring out things like healthcare, insurance, social services, retirement plans, income tax, etc.

After a few years back living and working in Ontario… I was pregnant and on a new adulting quest to navigate the ambiguities of parental leave benefits.

I had heard that Canadian parental benefits rivalled those of Denmark – with great government supported family leave policies as well as the infamous ‘top up’ a financial incentive that companies offered their employees. 

Finding the true facts and figures around benefits proved challenging, so I put together a survey and created a report based on the results.  My goal was to understand what benefits were actually being offered across different sectors, and use that info to advocate for a better policy at my workplace.

The Survey is still active and I will continue to update the report annually.

Please Submit and Share

I surveyed +100 companies – As data and facts are key – I created the report attached – it shows a competitive landscape of Toronto family leave benefits across Tech, Corporate and various business sectors. I’ve kept it generalized enough that if you or anyone you know is advocating for parental benefits they can use this document as a reference tool.

Attached is the PDF Report created May 2018.

The good news is my workplace used my report to reconsider the zero policy, and effective Oct 2018 implemented 100% top up for 12 weeks.

Thank you all those who submitted, and feel free to contact me if you are looking for information or support.

Warm regards, Ashley

Maternity Leave TopUp Report May 2018 AHigginsMaternity Leave TopUp Report May 2018 AHiggins2Download the PDF here: Maternity Leave Top Up Report May 2018, By Ashley Higgins


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