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21 Nov

Guggenheim Art of Another Kind

12 Sep


Art of Another Kind is a sweet tribute to the Frank Lloyd Wright Guggenheim‘s inaugural show.  As the then new Gugg was opened in 1953, this show highlighted the pivotal works that were collected by then director James Johnson Sweeney.

As a big fan of Ab-Ex, I really liked this show for exhibiting the complexity and expansiveness of the non-representational movement; from the movement’s famed heroes like Rothko, Klein, Pollock, to the flat panels of Ellsworth Kelley, the raw textures of Tàpies, and the expressive gestural strokes of Soulage.

The one thing that stood out more than Hans Hoffmans bold colourful paintings, was the cursive script font used for the wall labels.

Of course, I thought this was a visceral inside joke some kind of double-entendre allusion to Greenberg’s assertion of the gestural’s importance in pure painting.

Or rather a mimic of swooping brush strokes on the canvas as purported into text to contrast the conventions as the Abstract Expressionists did in their era.

Shout out to gallery guide Jeff, who explain that as this show is a tribute to the 1956 Guggenheim show, the wall labels were in fact recreated in the style that they were originally done at that time – in the cursive font.   ArtJetSet we love nostalgia.

Gartner Productions Hosts Artists in Advertising

17 Aug

Gartner Productions hosted a brilliant exhibition titled Artists in Advertising.

Granted, they’re not called Creative Directors for nothing, they work at New York’s best and most lucrative advertising agencies by day, and by night they make gorgeous art work.   Created and curated by Oritte Bendory, hosted in a gorgeous Soho loft, this show brought together brilliant work by in a variety of media.


Stylized drawings by Lee Trice, and colourful abastracted photography Jonathan Flaum,


Amazing photo of a soldier made of little plastic army soldiers by Dan Cohen,


Portrait painter Andree Ljutica (middle) with curator Oritte Bendory (right)


Hilarious punchline drawings by Saks Afridi,


Michael Schachtner shown with his large format photos.






Photos by Brian Patterson

NADA Hudson Basilica 2012

5 Aug

The New Art Dealers Association of America hosted it 2nd annual NADA Hudson July 28-29.  This event is less a fair but rather a site specific presentation, where 48 galleries and NADA members come together in this massive collective space to present  one work by one artist.

The location, Basilica Hudson, is a beautiful repurposed factory, within which the massive space harmoniously presents each work without typical “art fair booth dividers” giving each work its due intimacy and approachability.

Highlights of NADA Hudson a lot of amazing sculpture:

My absolute favorite piece was David Alexender Flinn at envoy enterprises hanging tire, gorgeous combination of industrial and playful with the reflected dreamy pedestal on marble just beautiful.  William Stone at James Fuentes Buddah telephone booth, and  Mike Hein at ADA sculptures encased in  plexi.

Ian Pedigo at Klaus von Nichtssagend, Brent Owens at Invisilbe-Export delicious wooden sandwich for sale by the foot, Hanna Sandin at Churner and Churner.

Once the people got in it, Thomas Kovachevich Paper Bed really  began to breathe.  From this low perspective  Bogdan Vladuta at  Ana Cristea metal cityscape facade sounded like hollowed clanks of gentrification.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The outdoor installations and performance pieces endured through the on-off sprinkles of rain and flash storms.  Especially beautiful space by Christopher Fraser at HIGHLIGHT, a dark room with floor on the floor cut in the middle creating a dramatic play of light and shadow on perception.

Note for next time, the Hudson train station is just a cross the street, making the commute by train a pleasure and a breeze.

Art Southampton 2012

30 Jul

Presented by Art Miami, the inaugural Art Southampton fair by far exceeded my expectations. This fair was very relevant, and hosted a great range of local Hampton artists and galleries as well as national and international galleries.

Hesitantly, I was expecting kitschy beach art to match the summer home drapes echoing Sippery Topsider’s colour trends.

Art Southamptons presented a very compelling range of art, from blue chip big names (Rauschenberg, Chuck Close, Cindy Sherman, etc) to a array of fun and accessible emerging artists.  The over all theme was very Pop and cheeky humor, a lot of graffiti, as well as strong painting.

Highlight of the Art Southampton was Jeff Muhs (shown here beside his painting) at McNeill Art Group.  Muhs is a local artist, showing at a Southampton based space. I love his romanticized by the blurred version of the Venus of Urbino – it felt like Gerhart Richter meets Ian Wallace.  Also at McNeil’s booth, really liked the abstract paintings by LA based Nano Rubio

Loved the 4 media painting by Allan D’Arcangelo at Waterhouse& Dodd, and the large paintings by Marta Penter at Caldwell Snyder that resonate movement and light.

I loved this abstract painting by Cleve Grey, and I loved even more the wall label that had photos of the artists on them along side the painting description.  This small detail really brings forward the notion of the hand of the artist (and the handsome face at that) to disconnect from the shopping vibe of fairs in general.

Of course no beach art fair is complete without giant Popsicle sculptures  (one Peter Anton at Gallery Valentine and another by  Tim Berg & Rebekah Myers and hyper-realistic painting of juicy watermelons to get the art taste buds throbbing.

Miami based Unix Gallery’s booth was the pinnacle of cheeky.  Showing many works by LA based artist Desire Obtain Cherish, including a life sized sculpture of Larry Gagosian waving with finger puppets of Damien Hirst, Murikami, and Jeff Koons along side a massive sculpture of lollipops … suckers indeed!!

More humour from Alejandro Diaz who creates clever one liners in neon, and his cardboard sign sculptures that are not cardboard but in fact hand-pressed molded plastics onto which the one liners like ” Does this sign make me look fat”  are inscribed.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Art On the Beach

30 Jul

A brilliant installation that combines my two favorite things – Art and the Beach.

Miami based performance artist Misael Soto is touring his giant terrycloth beach towel up the east coast, and will be installed in New York’s Rockaway Beach on Saturday, August 11, 2012.


Measuring 17x 9 meters (56 x 29 feet) Soto’s Beach Towel becomes a collective space inviting beach-goers to share the towel and the communal space in this interactive art experience.

ArtJetSet is loving the Museum-meets-beach harmony, and as we look forward to seeing you at Soto’s towel only happening on August 11- you can make the beach your own museum by laying out on one of Art Production Fund’s Artist Towels available at GreyArea


Damien Hirst at Tate Modern

10 Jun

Damien Hirst at the Tate Modern, was beautiful over view of this oeuvre.  The room filled with live butterflies was a beautiful compliment to his butterfly paintings.  The dead animals, the pharmacy installations, the pills and instruments, the glitter and the skulls, was all richly articulated and stunningly curated.

Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2012

9 Jun

This year’s Serpentine Gallery Pavilion was created by Herzog & de Meuron with Ai WeiWei – the team also responsible for the Beijing Olympic Bird’s Nest stadium.

The structure is build into the ground, and crowned with a floating pond of water.  The interior is furnished with seating and stools made of cork, while the exterior gives an incredible visual perspective on to the pond which is surrounded by a luscious green lawn.

Note,  you cannot walk on the grass, because there are guards stationed at every corner to yell at you to get off the lawn. Get off the grass, and then look beneath the surface.

Tomás Saraceno Cloud City on the Met Roof Top

3 Jun

For a gorgeous hot summer afternoon, a must see is this season’s Met Roof Top installation is by Argentine architect Tomás Saraceno titled Cloud City.  The reflections of the glass surfaces mirror sky and tree tops as they intersect with windows and metal rivets creating a stunning illusion of land and sky hovering above you.

On the clever marketing angle, the offer the Cloud City cocktail, a toxic blue drink that comes with a dry ice stirstick!

Bushwick Open Studios : My Favorites

3 Jun

By far the best work I saw during the Bushwick Open Studios was by Ross Tibbles. His work of mixed media and found objects, insist on something familiar and airy – yet eerily dark.  Something about his aesthetic really appeals to me.  The ripped paper mounted on half painted board, just the hood of a grey sweatshirt hanging.  I just could not take my eyes off the unbalanced yellow level with some kind of gas tank covered in yearbook portrait papier-mâché .

The icing on the delicious treat that was the Tibbles studio visit, was instead of the typical exhibition contact info postcards, Tibbles thumbtacked a ‘missing cat’ tearsheet with his contact info to the door. A work of art on its own right.

Honourable mention to JR Larson, amazing functional sculptures made of raw organic materials.  Especially love the birch trees.

Aaron Williams’ photographs are printed on paper that is crushed, wrinkled and cut to introduce new perspectives in the landscape and the other works that explore portraiture superimposed into reconstituted landscapes. Very striking.

The paintings and illustrations by Julia Norton, bring washes of vibrant colour over finely outlined layers of mountain surface drawn in pen.  The vivid colours add a vintage hyperreal quality to her washed coloured landscapes.

Loved the abstract photography by Carmen Von K.  In this age of instagram and visual photo sharing, it is such a pleasure to re-look at photography in an unconventional way. The photos are closeups of layers of tape and cardboard, but the size of the print and the way the bright pop colours intersect the textures of the tape makes looking at an non-objective photo such a pleasure.

Bushwick Open Studios 2012

3 Jun

The Bushwick Open Studios is an amazing opportunity to see and experience new works by local artists in their own studios.  Bushwick is a mega industrial district that is gently moving towards gentrification as the artists studios are filling up and new residences and restaurants are moving in.

The best part is the community aspect, as this festival is self-organized by the neighbourhood and featuring more than 4500 participants.

I hit only 2 hubs (1717 Troutman and 566 Johnson), out of the dozen proposed, but I saw some amazing spaces and some great work.




Tom Sachs Space Program Mars at the Park Ave Armory

21 May

When you read ‘About Tom Sachs’ the explanation is usually along the lines of “innovative re-examination, re-construction and exploration of capitalist cultural icons and systems of daily life.”

For Space Program Mars, Sachs recreated his own version of NASA space mission to Mars and astronaut protocols in a series of videos, sculptures, and performative installations.

The most important part of the experience at the Armory is emphatically the ‘indoctrination.’ Participants are ‘indoctrinated’ through watching a series of videos, and then moving through the Mars stages and completing assessments and challenges in order to achieve the final prize that is access into the LEM – landing module.

I attended this show with a wonderful friend, who coincidentally works for a major aeronautic company. When one of Sachs’ studio assistants-come-indoctrinaters tried to convince us to participate in the indoctrination assessment test to be tasked with a skillful chore (either sweeping or screw sorting) – she laughed and remarked that “this is what the aeronautical field truly feels like, in regards to protocols and behaviours, and assessments” and she did not quite see the what Sachs was satirizing.

Key take aways from this remarkable program is:

a) The powertools are named after rap heros

b) Live by the bullets, especially #8 Always Be Knolling (I highly recommend watching the videos, they are spectacularly produced

Tom Sachs Always Be Knolling

c) His lucrative collaboration with Nike in creating limited edition running shoes and bags is amazing exclamation point in on a oeuvre highlighing capitalism.

Storm King

12 May

Storm King Art Center is the most spectacular park, located just 150 km north of Manhattan. Featuring a breathtaking collection of monumental sculptures, from the iconic Mark Di Suvero, Daniel Buren, Alexander Calder to David Smith, Richard Serra, and many more, there are over 500 acres of plush grass and rolling hills to explore and discover.

Kadishman’s Suspended is one of my favorite sculptures at StormKing.  From a distance the perspecive gives the appearance that there are two sculptures one in foreground one further back resting on each other.  When you get closer, the smaller volume is actually suspended off the larger rectangle, and the massive scale still gives a feeling of increadible lightness (for an idea on scale, that is me jumping under the Suspended).

Andy Goldworthy’s Wall, uses found stones and weaves its way through a row of trees in a poetic nod to the man vs nature.

May Lin’s famous Wavefield of rippling waves of grass. As a part of the temporary exhibition Light & Landscape – this gorgeous Solarium by William Lamson, who fashioned the windows out of carmalized sugar making our visit to Storm King even sweeter.


Junko Mizuno at Narwhal Projects

15 Apr

Amazing illustrator Junko Mizuno food obsession at MagicPony/ Narwhal Projects

Editions II at Paul Petro

13 Apr

Wonderful group show at Paul Petro, with gorgeous yet mischeivous photos by Miles Collyer

Wood benches by one of my most favorite Canadian artists, Tom Dean

I Olaf Breuning’ed My Munny Doll

10 Apr

Inspired by PS1 Move performance-painting by Olaf Breuning – I drip-poured enamel paint on my Munny doll in homage.

David Shrigley’s Billboard on the Highline

7 Apr


The newest art work on New York City’s Highline is a billboard by the sardonicly hilarious artist David Shrigley.  How Are You Feeling? Remarks “I’m Feeling very unstable and insecure” as the billboard continues on to ramble about feeling anxious and inadequate.  Shirgley inverts and redirects the rhetoric around marketing and self image – marketing tries to convince of unrealistic ideals only making the target demographic insecure and anxious about not being able to attain those billboard looks.

At this year’s Ted talks, Elizabeth Diller, partner at the architecture firm that designed the Highline diller scofidio + renfro, spoke about how one of the serindipidous surprises of the completed Highline is how it has become a place of rest and refuge for local New Yorkers – a population that is always on the go.

I love the juxtapostion of Diller versus Shirgley as his push of anxiousness upon her rare peaceful place in such an anxious and adrenaline fueled cities.

New York Art Fair Week: March 7-11

7 Mar

New York Art Fair Week: March 7-11

New York Art Fair week starts today.

With the arrival of new fairs to the North American market the fairs have divided into two seasons.

May 3-6 we have Pulse, NADA, Frieze and Verge to look forward to.

 March 7 -11 we have Armory Week with the fairs :

The ADAA – Art Dealers Association of America 

Park Avenue Armory – Park Avenue at 67th Street

Featuring 72 blue chip quality galleries who are members of the  ADAA.

The Armory Show 

Pier 92 & 94

Twelfth Avenue at 55th Street
New York City

Over 120 exhibitors from around the world, will be great to see the new inovations brought to the piers with Noah Horowitz who has recently assumed the role as Managing Director.


SCOPE Pavilion

57th St & 12th Avenue (West Side Highway)
Scope, traditionally has set up tents in Lincoln Square, and now debuts at new location just steps away from the Armory Show piers.


7W 34th Street,


Waterfront New York Tunnel
269 11th Avenue – Between 27th and 28th Streets


The Dependent

ONE DAY ONLY!!!  This renegade fair, is one day only, featuring on the pulse emerging galleries.


Fountain Art Fair

69th Regiment Armory –  68 Lexington Avenue @ 25th Street

Fountain also announced this year’s fair at a new location, moving a way from the endearing yet terrifying Frying Pan.

Handsdown, Fountain Art Fair is the most fun fair on the scene.  Though the MoMA Armory Launch Party music performance is by  Neon Indian, I can’t wait for Fountian’s Friday Night opening party hosted featuring  Spirit Animal, and a DJ set by New York legend and street art pioneer Fab 5 Freddy!

Erik Patton at Amos Emo Gallery

1 Mar

I loved these works by New York based artist Erik Patton, seen at his solo show at Amos Emo in Dumbo.  Patton photographes models while projecting video scenes on them during the shoot. He then layers paint onto the printed images -creating a layering of not only media but of gender and charged emotion.

As the title of the show is Metasexual, the harmony and dichotomy is emphasized both  visually and metaphorically. We see a beautiful blond woman with a black and white naked man superimposed on her, surrounded by a radiating aura of warm colours and dark ominous shadows.  The results are both dark and glowing, but still captivating and beautiful.

Butter and Egg Road – Jet Setters Breaking Bread

1 Mar

I had the immense and delicious pleasure of attending a night hosted by Butter and Egg Road.

Butter and Egg Road hosts tasting programs in international cities as foodie-travel inspired private members’ club.

Founder Ivy  Ackerman, has put together an amazing program in conjunction with Armory Week – as a blend of pleasures for all the senses.

The evening starts with a Chef’s tasting at a delicious coveted NY resto, followed by Armory related gallery tours and opening parties.

Check out the calendar for upcoming events in Toronto, Montreal, Chicago, and of course Miami during Art Basel.

Cindy Sherman at the MoMA

23 Feb

I had the great pleasure of attending the preview vernissage of the Cindy Sherman exhibition, opening tomorrow at the Museum of Modern Art.

With all the favourite Untitled Film Stills, and the grotesque series, renaissance portraiture, to the most recent Italian housewife series – the most charming part of this retrospective is the visual narration of the maturity of her characters.

I had a fond memory revisiting her teenage girl series – a series which I saw for the first time at the Art Gallery of Ontario’s retrospective of her work in 1999, when I was a teenage girl.

Sherman continues to be an icon and a major influencer.

Kunié Sugiura at Leslie Tonkonow

13 Feb

The collaged canvases incorporating photography and blocks of solid coloured paint by Kunié Sigiura’s work on view at Leslie Tonkonow really speaks to Greenberg-Benjamin discourse of what is painting and art in the age of mechanical reproduction.  I especially appreciated the preliminary sketches and colour blocks works presented alongside the final paintings, as true insight into the labourous explorative techniques of these works created in the 1970s .

Visually, it reminded me of one Ian Wallace’s works,

Explosive Landscape Photography at Paula Cooper

12 Feb

Michael Sailstorfer rocket launched tree, and the breathtaking installation of waves breaking on the shore by Paul Pfeiffer.  A tranquil aesthetic show at Paula Cooper.

Grey Area – Online Concept Store

8 Feb

Grey Area, an online concept store specializing in artist made consumer goods, hosted a party to inaugurate their new space in SoHo.

The space was packed full of amazingly humourous art pieces, great music, and a gorgeous crowd that would not leave even when the bar ran out of cups.

From clothing, jewellery, housewares, sculptures, and random Oldenburg-esque pop goods made in to stuffed toys, Grey Area is the destination for the perfect treasured gift.

 I want this RIRKRIT TIRAVANIJA towel

 RYAN HUMPHREY Ghettoblaster

EV Day Mummified Barbie

Scott Treleaven On the Edge of Drawing lecture at the MoMA

31 Jan

The MoMA’s Contemporary Drawing department hosted their annual lecture with guest speaker artist Scott Treleaven.  ArtJetSet first saw works by this talented Canadian artist at NADA Miami 2008,

The lecture explored the direction of how the definition of drawing is evolving.  As a young artist Treleaven created zines – most notably Salivation Army, cut and pasted Xeroxes of photos and stories.  This greatly shaped his maturer works, as he evolved his practice towards collage, and most recently abstracted collaged paintings.

Another concept discussed was how drawings that was once considered preliminary works for performance art pieces are now being absorbed into the drawing realm as unique works on paper.

Myself, as a teenager growing up in Toronto I attended many zine fairs, and find it compelling to think how the zine has evolved into the new media blog.


Carsten Höller: Experience at the New Museum

9 Jan

Carsten Höller, scientist-come-artist, hilariously delightful exhibition at the New Museum presents the familiar in a way that challenges our preconceived notions of experience.

The Mirror Carousel is strikingly beautiful but spins at an impossibly slow speed.  Not only changing the expected velocity of fun but allowing the viewer to experience riding a carousel not as a joyful carnival ride by rather at a pace to savour every elongated second of the ride. Höller’s work centres around the reinterpretations of sensory experiences, specially enjoyed the Rabbit on the Skin and the Aquarium.

Conversely, the slide propels you down through 3 floors at an ecstatic speed then violently catapults you into a room filled with strobbing fluorescent lights and neon alligators. I experienced Carten Holler’s Untitled (slide) in 2007 at the Tate Modern in London.  The Tate’s version of the installation was more of an intricate short series of slides that connected through the turbine hall a various levels.

Maurizio Catellan: ALL at The Guggenheim

9 Jan


Life, death, humour, irony, distortion of scale, pigeons… what can you say about Maurizio Cattelan’s retrospective at the Guggenheim titled All.

Michael Snow at Jack Shainman

8 Jan

It was an absolute pleasure to have met Michael Snow at the opening of his new show In the Way at Jack Shainman Gallery.

Snow is one of Canada’s greatest contemporary artist, whose ground breaking experimental films revolutionized new media and recontextualized experiencing and ways of seeing and looking.

 His new video installation remphasizes what Snow does best, creating an environment where the viewer is physically engaged in active looking.

The other video work, In the Way, was shot while filming a fleeting road below while driving.  The simultaneous conflicting sensation of standing while on the floor is projected and extraordinatry speed of movement is vertigo inducing and yet amazing.

I will never forget the first time I saw Michael Snow’s So Is This in a theatre setting.  So Is This will stand forever as one art piece that changed and influenced my life parcourse.  Here is a little youtube preview but this work really needs to be seen in a theatre setting.

Miami Art Fairs 2011 : Pulse Art

4 Dec

Pulse is one of my favorite fairs not only because of the consistent high level of quality art and galleries, but also for the gorgeous location and courtyard installations at the Ice Palace.

I loved Blythe Project‘s booth, with these fantastic vibrant abstraction paintings by Mark Schoering and an amazing neon light sculpture hanging in the center of the booth that really pulled together the entire focal motif of the space.


On the theme of layered vibrant coloured paintings, we saw Kristen Schiele at Freight&Volume, Johannes Giradoni at Tominson Kong, and this massive diptych of runway at night by Ingmar Alge at Kuckei&Kuckei.

Jason Gringler painting at Galerie Stefan Ropke, and this interesting hanging sculpture made of hundreds of little plastic planes by Teresa Diehl at Galerie Anita Beckers

Eye catching broad horizon photos, Matthew Brandt at M+B, and Simon Lee at Cristin Tierney.

On the attractive aesthetic side, beautiful drawn portrait at Zemack Contemporary.  The video – photo- multimedia works by Nici Jost at Balzer Art Projects, this Swiss artist whose works ring a Pipilotti Rist  meets Alice in Wonderland spin on seeing nature from a distorted miniature perspective.  On the theme of miniatures, charmingly ironic salt shakers turned sand-timers with little figures inside by Alta Price & Jonah Koppel at Artware Editions.

Miami Art Fairs 2011 : NADA

4 Dec

NADA  – New Art Dealers Alliance – Fair is always such a pleasure to attend.  Of all the hotel based fairs, NADA does it right at the gorgeous deco Deauville Beach Resort.  As opposed to maze like cubes and harsh fluorescent lights, NADA’s spiraling floor design and the lustrous chandeliers create a flowing path which is the most pleasurable way to navigate through any fair.

The art program is fun and edgy – New Art dealers assemble to bring forward the youngest and brightest new gallerists.

Loved this installation at American Contemporary Gallery, metallic paintings at Studio Voltaire.

Ryan Foerster at Ribordy Contemporary, series of paintings at Recess, Yamini Nayer photos at Thomas Erben Gallery.

Dynamic photo montages at Clifton Benevento by Martin Soto Climent, dark electric photos at Fitzroy Gallery.

John Hiltunen characateur montages at Creative Growth, the narrative book series at MKG127, painting by John Sparagana at Corbett vs Dempsey. 

Best curated booths go to Curro & Poncho, and Cumulus Studio‘s installation.

Compellingly strange works at Kate Werble whose booth was wrapped in trash bags, Country Club, and Hole Gallery.


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