Toronto For Everyone : Au Revoir to Honest Ed’s



Gentrification and new building developments are rampant in the city of Toronto, which has given way to a very exciting (while tragic) opportunity for art activations in these defunct and scheduled to be demolished sites.  This summer we saw the Luminato festival at the abandoned Hearn Generating Station, and now Toronto for Everyone – a 4 day arts festival hosted in the iconic Honest Ed’s department store.

Toronto For Everyone, an initiative by the Centre for Social Innovation, invited artists to build out an immersive art maze and use the space in whatever interpretation they wanted to make, create, build, perform and fill the walls. A favourite installations was the Create : Destroy space by BirdoxGetso

Many iterations and interpretations of memories of the city, community, shared space, fleeting time, and so much to see and engage with that will all be destroyed when the building is torn down in the next months.

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