Tim Nobel and Sue Webster at Gagosian London

The Gagosian on Davies Street London, its more of a Vitrine than a gallery. The perfect location to exhibit the works of Tim Nobel and Sue Webster, famous for their trash heap sculptures which produce hyper realistic shadows on the wall. Their sculptural works are a sardonic commentary on narcissistic nature of consumer society. Sacrificial Heart, is a large rotating sculpture, it spins as the lights roll on and off. A take off on Vegas and tatoos, shot gun weddings and the dualisms of love be it fleeting or warming, pain or romance, hot and cold, fidelity and betrayal.

One comment

  1. Do you agree with this list from the Guardian?:< HREF="http://www.guardian.co.uk/travel/2008/mar/04/paris.art" REL="nofollow">Top 10 hidden art gems in Paris<>

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