Museum of Contemporary Art Montreal

The Musee de l’Art Contemporaine held a superstar show of THE hottest Quebecois artists on the bloque!!

Favorites were Michael Merrill whose small paintings about art and the places where they are exhibited. Working from photographs he has taken, Merrill creates small paintings after the works of great modern artists. He uses scale as an intimate form of understanding to construct a survey of personal meaningful events.

Michel de Broin who creates in toying with paradox by inviting competing references to take up residence in a materially manifest form. In this approach conceptual moorings are severed by aesthetically confronting the viewer with an assemblage that silences or troubles the ideas it purports to speak for. In his sculpture “Black Whole Conference” the artist uses ordinary chairs—the primus locus of collective discussion —as building blocks to construct a sphere that inscribes itself on several intertwined conceptual levels: that of a public sphere with its open, non-hierarchical and egalitarian communicational architecture, that of an immunological system that is closed upon itself to ensure internal cohesion by defending against external threats, and that of a voyage ready astronautic capsule.

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