theanyspacewhatever at Guggenheim

The Guggenheim got a long deserved facelift, and is now sparkling new!!!

theanyspacewhatever is the perfect title for this show. Scattered and not at all cohesive, with areas underconstruction, empty spaces, one space for a work whose only presence was in the audioguide (thank you Philippe Parreno) there was a lot of SPACE and a fair amount of WHATEVER.

Overall it was a pleasure to be in the Guggenheim. A not serious, witty, ironic, group of compelling contemporary artists, seemed this exhibition was about collective non-collectivity, even more so highlighted by the clever Liam Gillick signs and their contradictory inversions.

Maurizio Cattelan Pinocchio floating facedown in the fountain…. yet the visitors seemed more complexed by the the mysterious “free coffee stand” not realizing that in fact it is an installation work by Rirkrit Tiravanija.

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