P.S. 1

P.S.1 is the Museum of Modern Art’s contemporary affiliate. It is really not that far out of the city, it is 3 stops east of the MoMA on the V train.

From the exterior it looks like Art Jail, immense concrete walls that box in vast baren courtyards of gravel… you wonder who they are trying to keep out, or what they are trying to keep in.
Each room of the interior, including the basement and the stairwells houses artworks.

Norwegian artist Borre Saethre installation imposes an akward voyeurism peeking through frosted glass, warm pulsating lights, and subliminly subversive videos and objects for this installation titled Stealth Distortion.

Leandro Erlich Swimming Pool is a full sized swimming pool installation which from above looks like a generic poolside, with rippling subtle waves and bodies floating below. It is from underneath that we uncover a hollowed pool which allows the viewer to look up through the pool’s surface. Visually presenting a distortion of physics and optics.

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