Scope Fair Miami

Scope Art Fair the fair that was about collectivity and creation more so than just commerce.
The Friendswithyou Fun House for kids, the Cafe corners.

Brilliant programs which artists created works in and as a part of the fair, like Lucia Madriz EAT, and Russell Young’s screen printing performed live, grafitti artist Mr.Brainwash’s works which could be found in around and throughout the fair.

The Girl Project (TGP) is a national initiative that explores the lives of American teenage girls and empowers them to communicate through documentary photography. 5,000 girls ages 13-18, from across the country, of all backgrounds, are being invited to participate by stepping behind the camera to document themselves and their environments.
I loved the photos by Julia Fullerton-Batten at Jenkins Johnson Gallery

Annie Kevans portraits, and Adela Goldbard at Galeria Enrique Guerrero.

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