Lily Ludlow Sowing Circle at Canada New York Gallery

For the first time in a long time it was a great pleasure to watch an entire video piece. This was a captivating and seductive glance through the keyhole, into the lives of a group of women.

Canada New York Gallery presents Lily Ludlow’s Sowing Circle, a 3 screen installation showing the intimate and mundane moments of a group of women. Effectuated in a cinematgraphic vibrance and nostalgia, the music fluid and rhythmic, your eyes transition across the screens as the drumming beats fade into each scene change.

The black and white scene of all the women gathered around a table fit for a still life, with the pears, Morocain tea pot, wine bottles and an Oldenberg-esque 2 layer cake, drinking wine and smoking cigarettes. The tribal pulsating beats of the soundtrack reverberate as the scene cuts to ripples of smoke billowing in a black space.

These scenes are interlaced with nearly silent scenes of the guests of the tea party in their everyday lives. Making coffee, drinking coffee, folding laundry, sewing laundry, packing bags, and singing off key in the bathtub. Documentary style footage made these domestic scenes familiar and accessible.

On a small side note, the actors feature Chloë Sevigny and musician Lizzie Bougatsos.

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