Lisa Kirk at Invisible Exports

Housing in New York for only $199.99! Not a recession special, it’s an art installation by Lisa Kirk!!

The real estate bubble burst, global markets are crashing down around us, Lisa Kirk’s Maison des Cartes offers buyers a way to invest in housing and in art at the same time… for the Low Low price of only $199.99!
Lisa Kirk’s exhibition is an environmental installation of two real spaces created within the Lower East Side gallery Invisible Exports. In the back, a fully functioning Real Estate office; in the front the Shanty timeshare, a completely self sustaining residential space constructed with solar panels and found materials.
Shanty chic! Instead of wine and cheese, this vernissage was BYOB. Drinking beer from brown-bags, some in fur coats others in fleece and jeans, there was a jovial camping feel to the evening. Elisa London, an actress playing the role of real estate agent, lead tours of the Shany’s amenities emphasizing BUY NOW! Join today and get your week while it is still available!
Once the exhibition closes, the Shanty built out of 52 parts, will be installed in the Brooklyn Navy Yard for 52 weeks. Membership into the timeshare is available $199.99 Basic membership includes one week rental of the shanty and a deed. Upgrade and get one piece of Shanty to keep, and one step more is getting a piece of shanty bronzed and signed.

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