Jon Kessler and Ryan McGinness at Deitch

The very lovely director Mlle Nicola Vassel gave us a brilliant tour of the current two extremly different shows at Deitch Project Soho spaces.

Ryan McGinness new works are florescent technocoloured silkscreens of icons, interlaced and layered upon each other, echoing the noise of the everyday and technology. McGuinness designs his own icons, ranging from people, to calculators, to arrows, trees, etc.
I especially like this green one, the 2D icons layer and grow into a very naturalistic organic feeling techno – landscape.
The lower level was an experiential installation, tondos painted with night-glow paint, exhibited under black lights.

Jon Kessler, Kessler’s Circus is an army tent pitched in the gallery. The tent is supported on both sides by a wall of television monitors layered between army bunkbed baraks. Under the tent are mechanical sculptures using raw materials and ken dolls …. the torture of GI Joe.
A strong commentary on war, the American military, and the horrors and spectacle of the political war machine.
The Ken dolls are subject to various forms of torture, which is captured on mini cameras and projected in real time on the monitors.

The first time I saw this installation was at Democracy in America exhibition at Park Avenue Amrory this past fall. Kessler’s tent was dwarfed by the very chaotic and super politically charged elements in the Democracy in America show. Seeing it in a more intimate space made it seem all the more intense and engaging.

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