AIPAD – Park Ave Armory

AIPAD is the Association of International Photography Art Dealers, held their 29th annual photography show at the Park Ave Armory. Unlike other art fairs, photography fairs cause your eyes to shoot around like pinball… so much to see. A wide array of everything photographic, from daguerrotypes to large digital C-prints.
We saw a lot of secondary market, a lot of Great American Photographers (Steichen, Weston, Arbus) and the great photographers throughout history as a part of the AIPAD program Innovation: An Exhibition Within an Exhibition, which showcased milestones in the history of photography.

Yancey Richardson Gallery table scenes by Laura Letinsky, and loved these picture in a picture by Kenneth Josephson

Mat Pillsbury at Charles Issacs
Vee Speers at Jackson Fine Arts, and Amy Stein series Domesticated.

Robert Polidori (though his New Orleans and Chernobyl series are powerful, I really loved his new works from Havana) and Vik Muniz at Edwynn Houk
Sentimental polaroids by Kertész at Stephen Bulger, super Toronto gallerist and President of AIPAD.

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