Gallery Weekend Berlin May 1 – 3

38 Galleries, 38 Openings 1 – 3 May 2009.
The slogan for Gallery Weekend Berlin is Feel Invited and Be Surprised
Here is a little selection of interesting shows from ZIMMERSTRASSE
Contemporary Art – Georg Herold
Klosterfelde – Hanne Darboven
Arndt & Partner – Ralf Ziervogel Young German Art
Galerie Barbara Weiss – Rebecca Morris
Wentrup – Gregor Hildebrandt
Volker Diehl Gallery- Frauke Eigen
Galerija Gregor Podnar – Attila Csorg

Konrad Fischer Galerie – Jan Dibbets
Upstairs Berlin – Anna Genger (relief on paper)
El Sourdog Hex – Peter Halley
Daad Galleries – ArturZmijewski , Democracies elemven cacophonic video installations about public expression in timultous public political realms.
Jablonka – Eric Fischl
Michael Jannsen Gallery – Shaan Syed
Bourouina Gallery – Yann Toma Post Bankrott
Nature Mort – Mala Iqbal, Bari Kumar

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