Berlin, Art on Every Corner

Berlin is a city filled with art and artists. The streets are clean and the graffiti is abundant.

Tacheles – An abandoned department store that was taken over by artists it is a well known artist collective housing studios, bars, and gallery spaces. The building was bought by Fundus Group investment fund in the 90s, but to avoid conflict with the artists they leased the building back to the squatter-tenants for 10 years at $0.50 per year. The lease has just expired, and now there is a petition circulating to preserve the building and prevent the eviction of the artists.

Lego installation project which a building on Museum Island had its bullet holes filled with colourful lego blocks.

Of course the ever present memorials to those who died during the wars, and the horrors of Nazi era.
Christian Boltanski missing house 1990, constructed a memorial space in this void dedicated to absence, the signs indicate the names of former residents and place where they lived in the building.
Empty Library by Israeli artist Micha Ullman 1995, book burning of May 10, 1933

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