West Queen West, the Gallery District

Highlights from Toronto’s West Queen West, and burgeoning Ossington art district.

Talia Shipman resin coated black and white photos interpreting Exodus: The Ten Plagues, James Olley and Brendan Flanagan both brilliant emerging artists that stay true to Jamie Angell’s program of encouraging Pop impasto painting with a pure Canadian/Group of Seven-esque soul at Angell Gallery .

MKG127 presents COMMON WEALTH, 5 artists living in the United Kingdom exploring the relationship between word and image. I loved the audio piece by Giorgio Sadotti, the Now Cd clipped the lyric “Now”from many famous songs and mixed it together. David Alker’s ironic post-its, and Denise Hawrysio Spotlight, where headshot picture books had all the faces cut out leaving bad hairstyles as an ominous aura of what was.

Gallery44 artist in residence program featuring Jim Verburg very romantic photos titled I see you all the time.

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