X-Initiative PoolNoodles and Projections

The X-Initiative has taken over the former Dia:Chelsea space, and will exist for one year and present programming over three phases, featuring a lot of video and installation projections that assume the vast floor space of this massive center.

British artist Tris Vonna-Michell work is an investigation in language and convoluted narratives. Visual poetry and sound art are harmonized in the way he presents stories and events through fragmented images and chaotic accelerated monologues in frantic speach. It is the intersection of personal memories and forgotten histories, how things are retold and remembered.

Pool Noodle Rooftop is a vibrant outdoor installation by Jeffrey Inaba’s studio INABA. Specially designed in X shapes, outdoor furniture was constructed from pool noodles that have been cut and bunched into chaise lounge chairs that spell out the word “bububluooopppp”

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