X Initiative: Phase III, Artur Zmijewski

Polish video artist Artur Zmijewski presents a series of his video installations at X Initiative. Well know for his Documenta 11 submissions, Zmijewski’s work discusses in a highly confrontational way issues of culture, religion, and ideology of soico-political difference.

The first room is a series of wall mounted video screens showing Democracies, a series of 10 minute clips shot by the artist at public demonstrations around the world. At a modest volume the sound of protests and cries lull to a harmonic murmmer.

ArtJetSet saw this in Berlin at DAAD gallery in the spring, where Zmijewski tenured a residence.

Another important work by Zmijewski, also featured at Documenta, was a video study that put 4 groups in a space where they were to create a mural about their ideology. Groups were a young neo-nazi group, gay rights group, young Polish Jews, and Catholic Nuns. From the icon symbols of their groups ideologies grew into a distructive rampage of fire and hate.

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