Roni Horn aka Roni Horn at The Whitney

The first integrally comprehensive show of New York based artist Roni Horn, a
show which negotiations perception, memory, passage of time, identity and representation.

Often working in pairs and series and the use of water as reflections of identity is Horn a thematic predominant in her work, be it her photographes or her large cut glass sculptures.

Still Water, like the River Thames, is a stunning photo series of water underlined by footnotes which give anecdotes and refrences from films and passing thoughts of memory, dark waters, and fleeting moments like the water’s passing currents.

One of the more iconic Roni Horn works This is You This is Me, a photo series of her neice. One wall is this series where she has a playful docile demeanor, usually mirrored on the other wall is are the pairs of these photos where the neice makes grotesque and angry faces.

Roni Horn aka Roni Horn is exhibited on two floors at the Whitney, and this work was seperated, one hung at the entrance of each floor. I have seen this piece at the DIA hung together and think it is much more effective that way.

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