Hosted at the Dylan Hotel, the inaugural Verge Art Fair New York is named as the Only Fair Exclusively for Emerging Art.

Going back to the traditional origin roots of the Art Fairs in hotel rooms, each gallery occupied a hotel room, as well as larger installations in the lobby and stairwells.
Favorites included…..

Fuse Works and Front Room gallery that shared one room, selling multiples and editions. Loved Domenick Di Pietrantonio’s Arctic Sweat and Andrew Eyman’s Shell Beach watches.

Maki Hosokawa’s Japanime takes on Dutch Masters at Gallery Cellar, road scenes at Sara Nightingale Gallery.

Really enjoyed this collaborative work of interwoven texts by two artists Ali Umut Ergin and Lorand Revault at Galerie Yellow Fish Art. Which really complimented and integrated the hotel feeling of the Verge Fair.

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