Size DOES Matters at FLAG Art Foundation

The FLAG Art Foundation invited Shaquille O’Neal to curate a show exploring the notion of size in the current exhibition Size DOES Matter.

The 7’1 Basketball star wears many hats, including athlete, rapper, actor, and now curator.
This show is truly amazing, the bluechip artists, the dynamic tension of the small and large, the space perception and the juxtapositions. Bravo Shaq!!

Robert Therrien (Table and 6 Chairs), Maurizio Cattelan’s Untitled Elevators

Richard Phillips, Lisa Yuskavage, Don Brown,

Other featured artists included Canadian heros Evan Penny, Brian Jungen, as well as major artists who work in scale like Chuck Close, Andreas Gursky, Thomas Ruff, Kehinde Wiley.

The comprehensive catalogue was written by author James Frey, who co-owns the Half Gallery and has written extensively on contemporary art.

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