PS1 Move

MOVE! was a two-day event at PS1 where fashion and art merged through the collaboration of designers and artists, organized by V Magazine’s Cecilia Dean and style journalist David Colman

Spectacular Olaf Breuning and Cynthia Rowley. Rowley created bespoke denim outfits, and the models had paint poured on them by Breuning. A photographer captured the performative aspect of the pouring and the presentation of the new work of art, while the garment became the unique art object.

Conveniently hosted Halloween weekend, CHERYL and American Apparel created a psychotic space dedicated to bizaare performance. Participants were able to receive “Psycho Make-Overs” with the American Apparel clothes, fake blood, hair extensions, and lots of glitter.

Rob Pruitt and Marc Jacobs created a green-screen catwalk guided by ‘fashion show directors’ who shouted encouragement as participants were hurled down a blue corridor and flashed with lights. Upon entering the next room, the surprised viewer is confronted with their own multi-perspective runway show with them as the star model.

Rashaad Newsome and Alexander Wang was a vocal performance amazing beyond words. Newsome uses sound bites performed live to create a symphonic harmony of gossip sounds.

Tauba Auerbach and Ohne Titel beautiful modern dance piece, contrasted by the fairly boring Jonah Bokaer and Narciso Rodriguez lone performer in the dark.

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