Exhibition A towards an E-Commerce Art World

Exhibition A is a members only limited released editioned work of contemporary artists. Prints are purchased on-line and delivered stamped and signed with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Founded by Bill Powers, owner of the Half Gallery and Rx Arts (a non-profit that places art in hospitals) his wife and fashion designer Cynthia Rowely, Exhibition A seems to be selling a for profit extention of what they used to offer as fundraising fodder for Rx Art.

Many galleries and e-commerce inititatives are moving towards selling editions, prints, and multiples as a way to entice new young collectors at an accessible and affordable price point.

Art E-Commerce sites have been proliferating recontextualizing the experience of art as well as growing celebrity via accessibility. With initiatives like Exhibition A, VIP Online Art Fair which sell work by established artists, through to 20 x 200 which sells affordable art prints at various sizes and pricing scales, and KiptonART which sells emerging art in a range of media and prices.

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