The Armory: Part I

Armory Week New York has officially opened!
Amongst the expected blue chip big name artworks and ironic money/value references:

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Obligatory Damien Hirst prints for sale on edition, a floor made of pennies at Untitled Gallery, and Reed Seifer dollar bill installation.

This year’s The Armory Show had a strong current of overtly political works. With the socio-political upheavals seen around the world and in local media, seeing artists respond visually is not surprising.

With performance piece at Kukje of an illegal immigrant in a donkey suit, Rokni Haerizadeh at Thaddaeus Ropac which the artist draws animal figures over the faces taken from news media photos, and Tomas Espina at Ignacio Liprandi who paints with gunpowder.

For innovation at the fairs, an applause to Chowaidi&Co gallery at the Modern Pier for their bold green wall, and the Springer & Winckler Gallery for showing Lohner & Carlson’s video installation on iPads.

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