Fountain Fair: Highlights and Favorites

The musical performance by Gordon Voidwell at Fountain Fair Opening Night reception party, set the perfect atmosphere for this alternative art fair.

Much of the art, like the fair itself, has a crude alternative-pop street feel, especially resonated by its location at The Frying Pan at refurbished lightship that has been resurrected as an event space and bar.

Liked the vitrine by Evo Love at Stash Gallery, massive installation by Greg Haberny that filled one full space with floor to ceiling paintings and constructions.

I especially enjoy Fountain’s dedication to special artist project installations.

I visited In2it,  and had a nice conversation with sculptor and inhabitant Jason Robert Bell.

The igloo is a performance space and occupancy is also being sold as a timeshare.  Layered with carpeting and fur, the igloo features a working air conditioner to underline the irony “selling art is like selling air conditioning in the arctic.”

Tragically, during the set up of this installation, Bell had a studio fire.  I encourage you all to purchase a share of time in In2it support the rebuild.

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