Festival of Ideas for the New City – Flash:Light Highlights

Flash:Light brings site specific sound and light installation to the streets with the Festival of Ideas for the New City.

Video projections and performance transformed the city, as art filled the streets and venues around the Lower East Side.

Aida Ruilova media performance featured a pair of twins dressed as nurses, that simultaneously filmed and broadcasted their performance live with iPhones as a reflection of social networks and technology in interactions in the city.

Let Us Make Cake is a collaboration of video works that were created to be projected on the façade of the New Museum.  The brilliant assemblage of artists making art was an affective exploration in re-contextualizing the museum as white-walled interior cube into an animated 53 meter high canvas.

St. Patrick’s, New York City’s oldest cathedral, was host to two compelling projects.

Valeska Soares’ Walk On By was presented in the courtyard.  Two plexiglass benches placed in front of a video of a bench in a lush green park, inviting viewer to become a passive participant.  The screens were animated by ghostly figures of typical park inhabitants – an old man playing the accordion, a young girl dancing around the bench, a gentleman reading the newspaper, the mundane solitary actions performed in a park.  This work was contrasted by the Marco Brambilla‘s Civilation, a looped 3D digital short which cycles through Dante’s Divine Comedy that cycles through Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven (with cameos by famous faces as StayPuff Marshmallow Man, Michael Jackson, amongst others).

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