Sophie Calles’ The Room at the Lowell Hotel

The French Institute:Alliance Française invited Sophie Calle to participate in this year’s Crossing the Lines Festival of contemporary Art.

Sophie Calle’s body of work engages in an intensely autobiographical exploration generally centered around intimate memories and failed love. 

For this installation, title Room, Calle has occupied a suite in New York’s Lowell Hotel where she has narrated stories through installed objects.

Burnt mattress drapped with a taffeta red dress, a Polaroid camera with a picture posed on the bedside table.

Handwritten letters, followed by stories of commissioning poets to write them for her.  Stories of her earliest experiences with men, cruel memories of insecurity of first loves and unrequited love.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Echoing back to Calle’s early work that she created while working as a chambermaid in a Venetian hotel, Room brings out the nostalgia and power of the object linked by memory and narrative.  This is a must see experience, on view through Sunday Oct 16 at midnight.

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