Miami Art Fairs 2011 – Verge and Ink Highlights

Ink Art Fair is a unique fair dedicated to contemporary work on paper.  Inhabiting the surprisingly lovely Suites of Dorchester, the fair hosted 14 galleries on the ground level of the hotel.

Notable spaces included the installation of the Pace Gallery, and this Sangbim Im piece at Mary Ryan Gallery.

Pace Prints


Verge Art Fair is an unconventional fair with a real DIY feel.  The small rooms hosted either small galleries or single artists exhibiting their work privately.  An exhibiting artist told me that when the Pool Art Fair got shut down due to incorrect permits, Verge took in some of the orphaned galleries.  Where Verge loses some points for a marque seemingly made out of construction paper scotch-taped to the front of the building — they definitely gain some big karma points for supporting emerging artists and struggling fairs.

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