Scott Treleaven On the Edge of Drawing lecture at the MoMA

The MoMA’s Contemporary Drawing department hosted their annual lecture with guest speaker artist Scott Treleaven.  ArtJetSet first saw works by this talented Canadian artist at NADA Miami 2008,

The lecture explored the direction of how the definition of drawing is evolving.  As a young artist Treleaven created zines – most notably Salivation Army, cut and pasted Xeroxes of photos and stories.  This greatly shaped his maturer works, as he evolved his practice towards collage, and most recently abstracted collaged paintings.

Another concept discussed was how drawings that was once considered preliminary works for performance art pieces are now being absorbed into the drawing realm as unique works on paper.

Myself, as a teenager growing up in Toronto I attended many zine fairs, and find it compelling to think how the zine has evolved into the new media blog.

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