David Shrigley’s Billboard on the Highline


The newest art work on New York City’s Highline is a billboard by the sardonicly hilarious artist David Shrigley.  How Are You Feeling? Remarks “I’m Feeling very unstable and insecure” as the billboard continues on to ramble about feeling anxious and inadequate.  Shirgley inverts and redirects the rhetoric around marketing and self image – marketing tries to convince of unrealistic ideals only making the target demographic insecure and anxious about not being able to attain those billboard looks.

At this year’s Ted talks, Elizabeth Diller, partner at the architecture firm that designed the Highline diller scofidio + renfro, spoke about how one of the serindipidous surprises of the completed Highline is how it has become a place of rest and refuge for local New Yorkers – a population that is always on the go.

I love the juxtapostion of Diller versus Shirgley as his push of anxiousness upon her rare peaceful place in such an anxious and adrenaline fueled cities.

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