Storm King

Storm King Art Center is the most spectacular park, located just 150 km north of Manhattan. Featuring a breathtaking collection of monumental sculptures, from the iconic Mark Di Suvero, Daniel Buren, Alexander Calder to David Smith, Richard Serra, and many more, there are over 500 acres of plush grass and rolling hills to explore and discover.

Kadishman’s Suspended is one of my favorite sculptures at StormKing.  From a distance the perspecive gives the appearance that there are two sculptures one in foreground one further back resting on each other.  When you get closer, the smaller volume is actually suspended off the larger rectangle, and the massive scale still gives a feeling of increadible lightness (for an idea on scale, that is me jumping under the Suspended).

Andy Goldworthy’s Wall, uses found stones and weaves its way through a row of trees in a poetic nod to the man vs nature.

May Lin’s famous Wavefield of rippling waves of grass. As a part of the temporary exhibition Light & Landscape – this gorgeous Solarium by William Lamson, who fashioned the windows out of carmalized sugar making our visit to Storm King even sweeter.


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