Rennie Collection Vancouver

The Rennie Collection, nestled in Vancouver’s Chinatown district, is one of Canada’s largest contemporary art collections. Admission is free, but visits are strictly by appointment only (book it online).  The private collection shows emerging contemporary artists, both Canadian and international, and the visits are lead by their engaging, insightful and articulate staff.

The space is beautiful, with high ceilings and intimate gallery space that encourages a more intimate connection with the work then what you usually experience in a museum or commercial gallery.

These works by Mike Nelson room full of damaged plinths imposes and reminds of an exhibition long-since past – speaking to the temporal and fleeting state of the gallery space.

Also echoing the permanent and fleeting, gallery walls dedicated to Roman Ondak’s Measuring the Universe, where visitors are measured and then have their name and date sharpie’d on the wall.  I had previously participated in the same Ondak piece at the Museum of Modern Art in New York back in 2009.

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