The Brant Foundation Art Study Center – Jonathan Horowitz

The Brant Foundation Art Study Center is a private, by appointment only, exhibition space located in Greenwich Connecticut on a gorgeous expansive property shared by the polo grounds.

Upon arriving at the foundation, you are greeted by a massive Urs Fischer (Big Clay) sculpture and a few Richard Serra cubes.

I had the misconception of expecting a Jeff Koons Balloon dog (which was sold a few years ago) and Puppy which actually located across the street at Brant’s private residence and is not visible from the foundation property.  So don’t expect to see either of those works.

The foundation hosts two exhibitions per year, the summer exhibition featured Jonathan Horowitz, the long time partner of last summer’s exhibiting artist Rob Pruitt.

Horowitz work speaks to mass media, the excessiveness of the consumer consumption society we live in.  Heavy narratives of celebrities who are vegan/vegetarians, a massive banner heroically posed Anthony Weiner famous for his sexting social media scandal, and contribution boxes that collect money for an opposing scale of organizations like the NRA, Black Lives Matter, Catholic Charities to Planned Parenthood.  He uses appropriation, found objects, repurposed film and images to articulate his point about overt consumerism and social choices made by the viewer.

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