In / Future : Art Revitalization of Ontario Place

In/Future is an arts experience festival showcasing sculpture, film, music and immersive installations held at the now defunct Ontario Place theme park.

Having grown up in Toronto, I have vivid childhood memories of summers spent in the waterpark and running through the neon punching-bag obstacle course.  I didn’t know that the theme park had closed in 2012 and the entire site is being revitalized, and In/Future is an exciting expression of the revitalization effort.

The silos, each pavilion and along the waterfront were filled with surprising and captivating artworks and installations.

Highlights were Gareth Lichty’s Warp, which brought me right back to those neon punching bags, Ed Pien’s video with sculptural transparencies, Vuk Dragojevic’s legs floating in front of the Cinesphere, and my favourite was SSSpun by Robert Hengeveld who planted a tree on top of the artificial rollercoaster tunnel which gently rotated on itself.

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