Venice Biennale – African Pavillion

The African Pavillion was the highlight of the Arsenale.

In the first niche, we enter the African Pavillion, in the center of the room a table with a heavy leather book whose large pages wait blank, settled in the binding a black marker. A digital projector reflected its pages upon the wall, with the caption “Art Africain Pourquoi Faire”

I found this compelling challenging and provoking!!! Pourquoi faire….. to do a lot of things!!! Tragically, either the pavillion’s visitors didnt speak French or didn’t understand the question, since most of the what was written in the book was toilet grafitti to likes of ‘I was here, L loves A, and Venice is beautiful”. Bon, tant pis.

The African Pavillion… pour faire un revolution. Such ingenuity and freshness, great contemporary art coming out of Africa.

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