Felix Gonzalez-Torres used 700 lbs of individually wrapped licorice in an analogy to missiles and oil, pariotism and capitolism . His use of these dark multiples, manufactured goods, and strings of lightbulbs, playing with the idea of candy is a sinister melange of sweets and darkness.

Did anyone else see this guy in the Padiglione Italia? He was walking a mechanical dog on a leash…. bon, bref. He also obscured my shot of Sigmar Polke stunning painting…. rather pigment on screens, stitched and laquered. Impossible to photograph, but truely breathtaking!

FINLAND – Maariya Wirkkala, a boat filled with bloodred liquid slowly mechanically rocking upon an ocean of broken colourfull shards of glass.

GERMANY – Isa Genzken titled this space Oil, but I think it was crap. Uninspired and lazy. Astronauts floating in the air, found objects lots of skulls, boring boring.


Tracy Emin, nice to see her work moving away from trash vulgarity towards a more introspective subversiveness.

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