FIAC – Paris Body Politics

FIAC, Foire International D’Art Contemporain,
Every October, Paris holds its annual contemporary art fair. This year the locations were divided between Grand Palais and Cour Carree Du Louvre
Aside from the usual, too much abstract art, the provocative compelling works dealt with body politic.

Douglas Gordon, Portrait of You + Me
Black and White photos mounted on mirror, with strategic holes burnt in them.
Douglas Gordon is most reputable for his monumental video installations, like 24 Hour Psycho (slowed down Hitchcock’s film so the duration filled 24 hours) creating film installations renegotiating concept of fluidity, time, and memory.

This photographic work maintains the same ominous Gordon feeling, staying tres film noir. I love the titles, bravo Douglas Gordon.

Thomas Hirschhorn, Every Wound is My Wound Bullet riddled gruesome photo collage montage of pornography, tits and ass in the typically Hirschorn way.

Kendell Geers. We saw 7 Deadly Sins at the Venice Biennale. The walls and Buddah were covered using the same mirrored geometric typography as 7 Deadly Sins, Geers approaches with a more explicit, the word FUCK creating this very linear pattern.

With splatters of black ink, his explosive use of negative space in his paintings of masturbating figures.

Vik Muniz Hollowed glass sculpture with little puddles of blood coloured liquid inside. Haunting, humanizing, extraordinary.

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