FIAC – Highlights

The immense glass domed roof of the Grande Palais envelopes the stands with a warmth and increadable light that illuminates the darkest of paintings, or alternatively these fun asthetically calming pieces.

Loris Cecchini, Cloudless uses plastic balls and metal wire, creates these massive organic sculptures suspended which seem to hang so naturally in the space. Nice compliment to Julian Opie’s flat landscape. Opie easily identified by his linear drawings, he represents not realism but the symbols and signs we identify so easily with.

Breakfast reconsidered. Table is cigarettes and cherry pie by Hans Op De Beeck or Cherry Pie by Claus Oldenburg…. yummmmy and still reflective of the still life and the collective memory and the pop contemporary ideals of family and consumption.

Nelio Sonego, the only new abstract works I was drawn towards.

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