David Lynch The Air is On Fire

Foundation Cartier presents The Air is On Fire, the first and unique exhibition of paintings and artworks created by the celebrated cult film maker David Lynch.

The exhibition was massive, and divided into rooms according to media. The main floor was dedicated to massive paintings which incorporated paint, clothing, found objects, and at times human waste into a life size ground positioning the viewers in the midst of a conflictual moment. The use of text as dialogue narrated the paintings hinting to a distorted surreal massive film still.

The basement housed dark errie massive support, with nearly black abstracted paintings. My favorite was titled “She wasn’t fooling anyone, she was hurt and she was hurt bad”, he chose to write the titles on the black beams which held draped cavases which worked as the supports for the paintings.
Of course, as a film maker, a room dedicated to photos that were iconically Lynch in his full glory. Sultry women with red lips, abandoned factory interiors, moody obscured living rooms. The most impactful series were photos taken of Snowmen in middle American suburbia. A grey and ominous ambiance to the triste photos lacking contrast, haunting and sincere, like faded memories of a youth past.

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  1. David Lynch continues to be an awesome artist, both in and out of film. I love how free he is with his mind; insanity or serenity come from the same creative pool.You should check out his book, Catching the Big Fish. It’s a great read.

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