David Rokeby Profiling at Whitney

Such a pleasure to see an exhibition by David Rokeby, I went to see a lecture given by him when I was a university student at York University.
Profiling is an interesting commentary on ‘the war on terrorism’ and the use of technology and survielance videos and photography to create digital profiles. Commenting on privacy and identity.

The space with two large screens, one traces ghostly shadows by a camera which registers heat emmisions within the room. This projection is looped every 20seconds, and layers the older images one upon the others, showing how many congregate near the door, and patterns of moment throughout the space. The other scans and targets a figure, zooming in and out, and framing their face.
This was a powerful exhibition, since like CCTV, we move through life unaware of the fact that we are being filmed and registered. The reaction to the work once the viewer realizes that it is themselves the subject is the intriguing part. Being conciously aware of our movements is one thing, but having it registered looped and hung framed and traced out in a massive projection seems to make people uneasy.

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