Turbine Hall Tate Modern

There are always interesting things happening in Tate Modern Turbine Hall.
LIVE : LIVING CURRENCY, a two-day exhibition of performance art in contemporary dance. X-Event 2 autonomous units imposing the limitations of the individual in awareness of a place. The dancers move slowly and thoughtfully around and towards each other. Subtly touching, holding, posing, spitting, creating the distance and the interconnections between the whole and the individual.

Doris Salcedo’s Shibboleth, a crack that starts at the entrance of the Turbine Hall, which deepens into a crack, and then a branches down into a deep massive fissure in the floor. The title means, a test for detecting people from another country by their pronouncation of a word. It is a word a power which seperates those foriegn and those who have the power to judge.

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