Art in the Streets of Paris – Buren and Bourgois

Daniel Buren ‘s black and white marble columns were installed in the Cours de Palais Royale in 1986. C’est beau. A dominant theme in his works, a dialogue between the art in the museum confines and out, a modernized mirror of the columns and arcades which surround the works. In 1986 when the work was comissioned for the space, as typical French tradition, it created a scandal, modern art’s place within the cours behind the Comedie Francaise.

Now, 2008 the scandal continues regarding the 3million euro restoration costs!!!
Meanwhile, in the Jardin de Tuilleries, stalkes Lousie Bourgois’ giant spider sculpture. This sculpture has been featured in outdoor exhibitions around the world, from Spain to Japan. Coincidence or not, it has hatched tall ominous legs arching towards an erie dark Parisian sky, at the moment the weather seems to embody this piece. A second sculpture is also on view, indoors, at the Centre Pompidou.

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