Brooklyn Museum

Visited the Brooklyn Museum, and it is immense! It is a multi experiential space showing traditional American paintings, design of furniture and interiors, jewellery, cultural artifacts, contemporary art, feminist art, you name it they have a department.

The feature exhibits of the moment is The Black List Project, photos by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, portraits of influential African-Americans in contemporary society ranging from musicians, politicians, artists, writers, and activists.

Burning Down the House, a feminist art collection. Over fifty feminist artists, housed in the same wing as Judy Chicago’s Diner Party.

I caught the tail end of the Gilbert and George exhibition, showing their evolution from sculptors towards their experimentation with digital photography’s possibitily of scale.

The American wings presented interesting dialogue in the curatorial choices of hanging certain works amongst others in an innovative way. Like the Mary Blumenschein romantic portrait hung with Sylvia Mangold’s still life Floor with Laundry, and the Cindy Sherman photographs hung around Jane E Bartlett’s portraits.

We saw the epic monumental scaled Kehinde Wiley’s alter with three niche paintings, crowned with a tromp l’oeil ceiling painting.

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