New Museum, Snow, Blum, and the Rain Forest

New Museum hosts a interesting show discussing inhabitation and our living environment, our constructed surroundings.

Mathias Poledna’s Crystal Palace is a stunning 35mm film showing a lush rainforest landscape with gentle rain and winds blowing through the foliage. The intense soundtrack, suggests the physiological experience of abstract and structural film.

Contrasting with Agathe Snow decoupage installation Master Bait Me, a cage with blue magnetic balls, surrounded by decoupage of found images, celebrities from magazines.

Be(com)ing Dutch at a Distance Blum’s work Exodus 2048, commissioned by the Van Abbemuseum for Be(com)ing Dutch, is installed on the fifth floor as part of Museum as Hub: Be(com)ing Dutch at a Distance. The multipart project presents an “Imagined Future” in the year 2048, in which the state of Israel has dissolved and the Van Abbemuseum serves as a temporary camp for Israeli refugees. The project’s “what-if” scenario addresses the role of the host and the refugee far into the future. In the context of the New Museum, the U.S.’s own particular history in relation to emigration and its strong relationship with Israel are reflected.

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