On Kawara One Million Years

On Kawara’s One Million Years is a project in process at David Zwirner Gallery. The project is about time, and years, the time it takes to narrate every year from One millions years ago until one million years from now.
A man and a woman sit in the booth, each couple for a 2 hour period. They read the date… 3756BC…. or three thousand seven hundred fifty six bee cee, 3757 BC…. three thousand seven hundred fifty seven beeecee.
Chatting with the tech guy who has been recording and editing the audio said some times the best couples have voices that sound like song, it is very zen and very relaxing.
The best so far has been a poetry student who was participating to get over his fear of public speaking. He approached his reading prepared with a systemic reading pattern. 10 minutes into his reading, his partner began unconsciously mimicing the beat… which roled into an increadable techno remix beat.
This project has travelled to destinations around the world and will continue to travel. Though the participants are speaking the years, the project is actually about the time it will take to say every year.

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