Scope Art Fair New York

Scope Art Fair New York is the FUN emerging contemporary fair. Where most of the fairs this season were quiet and modest, Scope promotes a lively dynamic program. Scope is refreshing and high energy.

Scope Fair is held at the Lincoln Center, the exterior surrounded by highrises, the interior an hommage to nature and camping. The entry was crowned by the resin deer head by Carolyn Salas and Adam Parker, from there we are guided down a ramp lined with recovered wood planks to the Scope Foundation Cheap Fast and Out of Control tent. At the threshold was Riding America Like a Cheap Pony, a wood cabin intallation by Kristen Schiele.

Nice to see new works by ArtJetSet favorite Marc Seguin being shown by Charest-Weinberg.
Marc Seguin is an brilliant thoughtful person, and very talented artist, and was a pleasure meeting him at the fair. Also great to see all the LOVE Marc was getting from Scope as this image was the link-through painting to access New York fair info on the Scope website.

Interesting works on paper, like these hyper-realistic paintings by Yigal Ozeri at Mike Weiss, and spraypaint on cardboard EVOL at Wilde.
Sebastien Denz 3-D skateboarding photos.
Dynamic photos by Haley Jane Samuelson at Hous Projects, and graffiti surrealist murals and paintings by Camilla Rose Garcia at Jonathan Levine

New Media works by young artist David O’Kane at Shuster Gallery, he paints 2 doppelganger paintings and creates a film by repainting one into a stop motion animation.

Ryan Wolfe Branching System of leaves that would move signaled by motion detectors at Dam, Stuhltrager & Frants Gallery

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