Scope Foundation – Cheap Fast and Out of Control

The Scope Foundation is a not for profit that grew from the Scope Fair, with a mission to support emerging artists. Cheap Fast and Out of Control was a benifit space, selling artists multiples (t-shirts, photos, prints, editions) where 70% of the profits went to the artists, and 30% went to the foundation to support future projects.

There was a lot going on in this space, I know well since I have been collaborating with the Scope Foundation since January.

Film and live music presentation by Martha Colburn, archery presentations that became sculpture by Mitch Miller, silkscreen wallpaper tiles by Liz Ensz, stunning handcarved rug made from reclaimed wood by Amie Cunningham, and the bar which was built by Jon Keay.

Great mention goes to Julius Metoyer, Aimie Reporter, Craig Smith, Matthew Bakkom, Maya Hayuk, Mickey Duzyj, and Sam Zimmerman for his super film The Sock!!

Also featured an incredable music program like Wolff and Tuba and Lacoan Pictus who use pedals and technology to create most inorganic music, Abacus a mathematical Jazz band, and Electric Junkyard Gamelon who engineer their own instruments from found objects.

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