Liz Glynn 24 Hour Roman Reconstruction Project at the New Museum

The 24 Hour Roman Reconstruction Project, a part of the Generational: Younger than Jesus exhibition at the New Museum of Contemporary Art.

Los Angeles artist Liz Glynn and the help of volunteer artists (including myself and my unsuspecting brother) used found materials to chronolgically reconstruct the Rome.

The construction began at 6.30pm April 6 and at 6.30pm April 7 – Rome was destroyed.
The only elements remaining are displayed polaroids of the succsive building that took place.

Here is the wall of polaroids, the artist Liz Glynn and myself.

Some of the monuments were brilliantly constructed by talented and dedicated participants. My brother Jeff and I, arrived at 8am and were entrusted with the construction of the Statilius Taurus Colosium. Once completed the buildings are placed in their true respective geographical locations.
The Destruction of Rome was accompanied by a horrific soundtrack of synthesized noise.
During the build NYmag arts writer Jerry Saltz came through, his video reportage brilliantly translates the calm of the build and the chaos of the destruction.

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