OMG! WTF is going on at the New Museum – Generational: Younger than Jesus

Younger than Jesus at the New Museum, This exhibition is an excercise in endurance.

Featuring fifty artists from 25 countries, all are under the age of 33. This generation has been categorized by sociologists, marketers, and social anthropologists as the iGeneration or Generation Me… a generation distinguished by technology and their consumption patterns. Granted this was the main theme that translated through the show.

The New Museum has consistently presented “challenging” shows. There are some elements of in Younger than Jesus that go beyond “challenging” into obsurdity, and just dilute the integrity of the interesting art from the “WTF is this art?” art.

Ryan Trecartin and AIDS 3-D’s Internet-inspired infantilism with the OMG monolith framed by burning torches. The artist Icaro Zorban here posing with his turntable installation. Liu Chuang diaporama, like a commodity portrait, she stops people in the streets of China and buys everything they have on them, and displays the items methodically on a white platform.

Artist Chu Yun who hired young women to take sleeping pills and sleep in the gallery for 8 hours a day. Adrian Lara’s Untitled sculptural installation, which is in fact a banana peel on the floor. Every morning the security guard on duty eats the banana and then “installs” the peel. The security guard was sweating so hard trying to protect the sculpture from being walk on, she may have needed a second dose of banana Untitled installation.

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