Don’t Panic at Rental Gallery

Rental Gallery is an atypical exhibition space that invites galleries to host shows in their Chinatown space. There is definatly an obvious program in selecting the collaborating galleries.

The last exhibition was a solo show featuring Richard Kern, who is part photographer, part filmmaker, and infamously occasional pornographer.

Current show Don’t Panic! I’m selling my collection, is an assemblage of super trendy, low grade works by blue-ish chip artists, from a variety of New York based collector’s private collections.

The trop articulated press release explains that during the boom the habit formed of mistaking hipness for genius and Viola…. Don’t Panic, I’m selling my collection honourable mention for the interesting Ingrid Calame, small David Salle paintings, Hope Atherton, and of course no LES show would be complete with the Marylin Minter.

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